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New to Managing People Webinar Series

Speaker: Sean McLoughney, LearningCurve

Session 1 – Managing the team - 14th February 2019

People are the bedrock of successful companies. People are also complex and no one managerial style suits all. If you want to be successful in managing people you will need to develop a range of skills that are people focused.

  • Review your new role; how this impacts each team; challenges that you face and how to overcome them
  • Different personality types within your teams, how to manage each personality and the best approach to communicating with each person
  • What’s happening within the team, Tuckman stages of team development, how to move the team through each stage and communicating your vision for the team
  • Agreeing your 100-day action plan.


Session 2 – Managing performance - 21st February 2019

One of the key roles of the manager is to achieve results and this session is very much a look at how we can create the right environment to achieve expected results. We start with engagement and how it impacts performance and as a manager what you need to do to ensure a high level of engagement from your team

  • Clarity around standards, goals and expectations that builds engagement
  • Create a feedback culture within the team
  • Establish your “ways of working” for the team, your style of management and managing expectations
  • Support – the unwritten contract
  • Write a Personal Development Plan for the team


Session 3 – Coaching the team - 28th February 2019

The role of coaching is now key element for managers in improving performance and retaining talented people.

  • Case study – it wouldn’t happen on my team
  • Building a framework to deliver one to one coaching sessions
  • Integrating coaching into the performance management process and performance conversations
  • Delegation as part of coaching, a 6-step approach


Session 4 – Presenting a message - 7th March 2019

Whether it’s a presentation to clients, performance analysis for management or giving a presentation to colleagues, the need to communicate through a presentation format has become an essential skill in the business environment.

  • Learn and practice the core principles of presenting a message, whether you are in a meeting, or delivering a presentation to colleagues or clients.
  • Begin your presentation and create interest in your message; Use the ROPE method to engage your audience
  • Tell your story with passion and conviction and leave a positive impression; understand the importance of Mehrabian rule
  • Understand the impact of the 3Vs in presenting; visual, verbal and vocal
  • Rehearse, feedback, rehearse, feedback, rehearse, feedback

Key Webinar Details:

Venue: Webinar
Time: 1pm - 2pm (each session)
CPD Credit: 4 hours

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