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Peak Leadership Webinar Series

Speaker: Sean McLoughney, LearningCurve


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Investing time in building a performance-based relationship with your team






In a demanding business environment, it can be challenging to set aside time for your team. However, managing people is difficult and perhaps the hardest part of your role. It requires a focused effort and commitment. Investing time in building a performance-based relationship with your team will benefit you, your team and ultimately the business.

These 4 sessions will equip you with the insights to transform your approach to managing people by using the PEAK Leadership Methodology.


Some key topics that are explored during this webinar series include: 


Webinar 1 - Getting things done; scheduling the important stuff

As managers it sometimes feels that everyone is competing for your time and there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything. Time management is a core business management skill which has been around for years. Over the years many myths have grown around time management. One of them is that we can in fact 'manage time'.   We can't.  We can, however, manage ourselves and our own behaviour; start by implementing these 4 principles.

Principle Number 1


Planning & Scheduling to make it happen

Planning & Scheduling important activities to ensure the right things get done consistently, keeping all your activities in the one place and protecting your time so that the important stuff doesn’t get dropped.

Principle Number 2

Time Management Balance Sheet

Knowing how much time you have available every day compared to how much you need to complete the important stuff

Principle Number 3

Time Audit - Knowing how you spend your time

Establishing how you really spend your day compared to how you think you spend your day is fundamental to becoming a true master of time. Your personal time audit will identify the biggest time stealers in your day.

Principle Number 4

Impact/Influence Model

Take back the time that is lost daily through unnecessary interruptions; identify the time-wasting activities that you have most control over and then reduce the negative impact these activities have on your time.


Webinar 2 – Team Time: Building a performance-based relationship

Managing your team shouldn’t be viewed as an add on to your normal daily routine, something to fit in if you have some spare time. Managing people is an integral part of your job and like other activity it requires time, upskilling and personal development. Creating team time shouldn’t be afterthought it should be your primary focus.

  • Establish the “ways of working” within your team that promotes a performance-based culture and builds clarity around standards, goals and expectations
  • Deal with conflict situations and difficult conversations by using a 3-step approach – establish, explore & explain
  • Set aside time to ensure your team works better together


Webinar 3 – Create a vision for your team

As a manager you will spend much of your time attempting to build and maintain a high-performance team. This is not an event as it is an ongoing business process. To achieve your business goals as a manager you must be able to inspire and lead your team by driving performance, engagement and flexibility.

  • Create a vision for your team to inspire great performance and build a feedback culture to maintain high standards
  • Understand who ultimately turns strategy into a high performance on a daily basis and ensure that your team understand why their role matters
  • Align everyone’s performance to the business plan.


Webinar 4 – Managing change in the workplace

Arguably the greatest obstacle to successfully and smoothly implementing any change is your people. Introducing a work-related change, whether large or small, is achieved with the cooperation and support of management and staff. Use this 5-step approach to help you manage the change within your team

  • Awareness - clear understanding of your current position and the need to change
  • Leading – outline the benefits of change for individual/team
  • Preparation – understanding the change and how it impacts people
  • Action - initial adoption of the change, achieving quick wins, confirmation that new behaviour/activity works better old ones
  • Maintenance - anchoring the new change, consolidation of the improvement made and integration into new work practice and norms




24th September 2019
1st October 2019
8th October 2019
15th October 2019

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