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Success Skills Series - Project Management

Speaker: Jayson Moran
Location: Webinar

We all have projects. Lots of projects.  Big projects. Small projects. Urgent projects. Important – but not so urgent projects – that sometimes never get done. How do we manage all this?

Managing the multitude of projects we all have, in both our private and personal lives, can be stressful and overwhelming. This suggests we need a simple, yet effective, organization and project planning system – so we can prioritise and get the important things done.

This talk will look at project management – and use lessons in psychology to get you managing projects more efficiently and in a manner that leaves you


  • Explore some tools to get organised and choose which projects to prioritise.
  • Will learn a simple, effective project planning model based on psychological science.
  • Explore the psychology of procrastination so you can get moving and keep moving on those important projects now!

We ask that you bring a project to the talk that you’d like to work on – sop you can experiment with the project planning tools on the day. Don’t worry if you haven’t one to hand though  -you’ll still get a  lot out of the talk,

To manage projects properly you have to know what to do, when, and actually do it! This talk aims to help with that. 

Jayson is a Coaching Psychologist who trained in TCD and UCD. He specialises in helping  entrepreneurs  & professionals deal with problems like stress, motivation and a lack of confidence and clarity. Jayson does this through helping them better understand themselves, what it is they want,  and what’s getting in the way both psychologically and practically. His company helps companies and individuals rise to their challenges, get those important projects over the line, and do so in a way that encourages wellbeing and a leading a full life.


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Key Webinar Details:

Recorded 25th November 2022

CPD Credit: 2 hours

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