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Success Skills Series - Giving and Receiving Meaningful Feedback

Speaker: Sean McLoughney, LearningCurve
Location: Webinar

Originally recorded on 06/10/2023

Giving and receiving feedback is a core business skill that is essential both in developing and improving the performance of people. Despite this many people are reluctant to give feedback especially if they believe that the feedback will be received negatively by the person. 

During this session Sean McLoughney will share some skills and techniques (and his 6 top tips) to help you improve how you give and also receive feedback.
Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 
“Tell me something I don’t know” – the art of giving meaningful feedback.
Understand what great feedback should include and how to avoid the pitfalls of negative criticism
Create a meaningful feedforward culture by using the BEST feedforward method (a four-step approach)
How to receive the feedback you need to hear and how to avoid being defensive when you receive feedback that you don’t like
Apply the 6 tips learnt during the session.
Personal Action Journal
Everyone who attends the workshop will receive their own ‘Personal Action Journal’. This journal contains tips and exercises that are explored during the workshop and will help you get your action plan started. You can also use your journal to document all your ideas and actions that supports your learning.
Key Webinar Details:

Time: 10am - 12pm
CPD Credit: 2 hours

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