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Success Skills Series - Change Management - Supporting Your People During a Change

Speaker: Sean McLoughney, LearningCurve
Location: Webinar

Originally recorded on 03/11/2023

Managing change has become increasingly more challenging over the last few years and it is unlikely to become easier in the years ahead. Arguably the greatest obstacle to successfully and smoothly implementing any change is your people. Introducing a work-related change, whether large or small, is achieved with the cooperation and support of management and staff. It requires you as the manager to challenge the mind-set, inspire the change and embed the new culture.

This can be achieved through implementing a systematic approach to change and gaining the full commitment from all key stakeholders. During this session Sean McLoughney will share his perspective on how to manage change in the workplace. He will outline his easy-to-use framework (the 4 R Model) for supporting talent through these unprecedented times. Your plan will require transformational thinking which is grounded in practical solutions. Repositioning your team after any change process won’t happen by chance.
Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 
Apply the 4 R Model (Respond, Reset, Reprioritise, Realign) to move your team forward in a structured and systematic way. 
Motivate and energise your team during the period of change and uncertainty.
Transition your team through the change process, from initial resistance through to embedding the change as a new ‘way of working’.
Break old habits that negatively impacts behaviours and performance. 
Provide leadership with purpose and clarity which shows the way forward for your team.
Establish what you need to do so that your team is ready to reposition itself and also to build resilience.
Personal Action Journal
Everyone who attends the workshop will receive their own ‘Personal Action Journal’. This journal contains tips and exercises that are explored during the workshop and will help you get your action plan started. You can also use your journal to document all your ideas and actions that supports your learning.
Key Webinar Details:

Time: 10am - 12pm
CPD Credit: 2 hours

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