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Building and Managing a Team - 4 part webinar series

Speaker: Sean McLoughney, LearningCurve

Building and Managing a Team

Organisations which have put the concept of ‘high performing teams’ into practice have all succeeded through creating dynamic, autonomous and highly focused teams which pass the test of time. High performing teams do not happen by chance but are the result of good management, planned development and open communication. To manage and maximise the talent within a team requires more than technical expertise. To achieve your business goals as a manager you must be able to inspire and lead your team by driving performance, engagement and flexibility. Building and maintaining a high-performance team is not an event it is an ongoing business process.

This is what you’ll get

During this 4-part webinar series of real-world learnings and proven content we will explore 12 crucial topics covering 28 lessons. You will also receive a personal journal that contains 11 exercises to get your 100-day action plan started. You can also use this personal notebook to document all your ideas and actions that supports your learning after you return to the office.

These are the key topics explored during this webinar series to help you work better as a high performing team

Webinar one:

  • Team dynamics and how it impacts the performance of your team.
  • Write a vision for your team that inspires a great team performance.
  • Five key activities to consider when building and maintaining a winning team.

Webinar two:

  • Differentiate the impact that different management styles have on your team.
  • Tuckman stages of team development and use this framework to move your team through to the performing stage.
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your team as part of your succession plan.

Webinar three:

  • Understand the difference between working as a team and group think and identify actions to take to avoid group think.
  • Identify the mains causes of conflict in a team and outline actions to overcome them.
  • Use this five-step approach to address underperformance within the team.


Webinar four:

  • Set aside some “team time” to ensure sufficient time is spent developing your team
  • Establish the “ways of working” and build a feedforward culture within your team
  • The top seven tips for maintaining a high performing culture within your team.

Key Webinar Details:

22nd November
29th November
6th December
13th December

Time: 1pm - 2pm 
CPD Credit: 4 hours

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Member Cost: €105.00 

Non member Cost: €130.00 

Places Available: 20