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Overview of Irish Taxation Product Code : MRAT1

Overview of Irish Taxation

The Overview of Irish Taxation course comprises seven modules and presents an overview of the Irish taxation system. It looks at the basic principles of the main direct taxes such as income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, and capital acquisitions tax (CAT). In addition it looks at indirect taxes in Ireland such as Value Added Tax (VAT) and stamp duty. Finally this course will give you an overview of the Revenue audit system in Ireland.

As this course only provides a brief introduction to Irish taxation, the course material should not be relied on as a substitute for specialised professional advice in connection with any particular matter.

Module 1 outlines the different categories an individual’s income can fall into and illustrates how this is brought together in a total income computation and how tax is charged on this income.

Module 2 looks at the VAT on goods and services, its registration requirements, the conditions governing the charging of VAT, and the different VAT rates.

Module 3 examines the main rules of corporation tax, including computation of profits, tax rates, company withholding tax, reliefs for losses incurred by a company, and other kinds of reliefs.

Module 4 discusses how capital gains and losses for individuals are calculated, how gains are taxed, and how losses are relieved. It also outlines the main reliefs for CGT.

Module 5 looks at CAT and the factors that go into determining the tax liability for gifts and inheritances. It also outlines the various tax exemptions and reliefs.

Module 6 looks at stamp duty, who is liable for it, and how it is calculated. It also outlines the rates, payment requirements, and exemptions.

Module 7 examines the Revenue audit system for self-assessed income, the penalties that apply to different categories of tax default, the ways to mitigate these penalties, and the Revenue powers.

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