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HR Webinar 2 - Covid-19 Part 2: Top HR Tips for Managing the CoronavirusProduct Code : WEB2026-R

This webinar ensures that  you understand how to design and communicate reasonable and prudent protocols in the workplace based on up-to-date government and medical advice.

Employers should ensure they have an action plan prepared, so that they can respond effectively to a suspected case of the virus amongst their workforce and manage absences while limiting the impact on business continuity.

Advice on the most up to date (at the time of recording) payments from the State including updated Illness benefit, short time working payment, and COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. Remember for many it will be their first time having to be in a position of this nature so it’s new and difficult for both employers and employees so be kind and patient at this time.

This webinar was recorded on the 26th March 2020

€ 25.00