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Working remotely: plan and schedule your day, week and month - 2 part webinar seriesProduct Code : WEB2056-R

Course Overview

Time management is a core business management skill which presents us with daily challenges. Organising your day so that you are as productive as possible isn’t easy because of the constant interruptions that occur in a normal working environment. Today, many people face the additional challenges of working from home. 

This practical webinar of real-world learnings is based on two books written by Sean McLoughney and over 10 years research and will outline how you can apply some simple principles to help you organise your day, week and month.

During this webinar you will see that the emphasis is on:

  • an easy-to-follow methodology that can be used in any working environment
  • proven practical tips and techniques 
  • checklists and templates to help you improve how you use your time 

During these sessions Sean McLoughney shared some skills and techniques to help you improve how you plan & schedule your day, paying particular attention to working remotely.

This is a two part webinar series and was recorded on the 15th & 22nd April 2020

€ 10